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What is bodyBUZZ

Because bodyBUZZ is entirely experiential, we leave it up to you to create a description. bodyBUZZ is a magic carpet ride to wherever YOU decide to go.

basically, bodyBUZZ is a musicial prayer. Participants come in to the space, we hold intentions for ourselves, and we lie down in GOD meditation and listen to the music.  

On a deeper level, bodyBUZZ is a musical prayer to GOD with the intention of helping people feel better through music and GOD meditation.

Resistance to healing is melted away by opening the session with a C# drone, which is a strong frequency for relaxing. The healing tones travel up the main organs to top of head. The energy is then grounded with a final C# drone. During the session of healing tones Antonio plays his guitar to facilitate the healing journey.  

This experience is open to all levels of practice- you are only limited by your own expectations and resistance.

Thank you for visiting our site. Our intention for creating this site is so that we may attract others who have faith in the healing powers of music and joyfully support us while we do our part to serve.
                                                      ~Antonio & Marie

What People Are Sayin'

Following each bodyBUZZ, we ask our guests to share their experiences with us.

We are always thrilled to hear what they have to say


Here’s what they’re sayin’:

    Bullet “I saw vivid colors- so brilliant, like I’ve never seen before”

    Bullet “I felt my heart open up, create space, and then come back together”

    Bullet “I left my body, watched myself settle in and become very relaxed, then I came back into my body”

    Bullet “I felt BUZZing in my hands & feet”

    Bullet “ I felt BUZZing in my throat”

    Bullet “I felt space being created in my stomach”

    Bullet “I have NEVER slept better!”

    Bullet “ I felt totally energized and a week later, I STILL feel it!”

    Bullet “ I don’t know what was better- the healing I allowed spiritually or the musical performance”

    Bullet “A spirit guide showed up and stood with me”

    Bullet “ I had childhood memories, I haven’t had those for awhile”

    Bullet “mmmmmmm. Wonderful. Thank you so much”

    Bullet “ next time, I’ll bring a leg pillow”  

    Bullet “ I almost left my body, that hasn’t happened in 30 years

Hi Marie and Antonio.....This definitely WAS a most successful event, last night was FABULOUS! I loved the sound of the guitar and how my body felt afterwards after Antonio's wonderful energetic experience. It was truly a path of alignment. Thank you so much for inviting me and Mark.
- Laurie Pawli, Founder & Director of Feng Shui School of Chicago.

I felt like I had a massage! Very Relaxing.  
Carol Z, 1st time sound healing session participant

Antonio Soriano's "bodyBUZZ" flings open the heart's door to a luscious love affair with the Divine.  After it's over, you'll be asking Spirit, It was good for me, was it good for you too?? Its unconditional embrace will leave you looking for your lighter.
Margo Ruark, Director, Peace Center, Berwyn, IL

Wow, wow, wow !   Thank you for being part of Whispers from the Moon's five year anniversary celebration.  To see the blissful expressions on the faces of those who experienced the magic of bodyBuzz was priceless.  In the days and weeks following the event, all I've been hearing is "when are you doing it again?" Thank you for blessing my space with such sacred vibration !!!     Love you, Lis
-Lisa Sorce Schmitz, MSW, LCSW. Director, Whispers from the Moon.
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Antonio, I attended the bodyBUZZ session at Planet Hair last month.  I was talking to Nancy about something that happened to me the day after the session and she encouraged me to write you....

The morning after the bodyBUZZ, I was making breakfast and had a very strong sense of a friend's mother, who had been very ill for months, to be there with me.  I had a strong image of Jeanne (her name) and it just felt like her spirit was there with me.   I was very conscious of wondering how she was doing as I hadn't heard for months about her illness.

That evening, I got a call from my friend letting me know that her mother, Jeanne had passed away that day.  I was pretty blown away because just that morning I had had such a strong sense of being touched by Jeanne's spirit.  I feel that maybe the bodyBUZZ experience opened me up to be receptive to Jeanne's spirit... at least that's what I'd like to believe.  It was like Jeanne was sending out a strong vibe on her last day here on earth and I was able to tap into that ... with the help of bodyBUZZ - which opened me up to receive her energy.

Nancy thought you would enjoy hearing my story and feedback on bodyBUZZ.  Looking forward to another session soon.

 -Joanne Kelly

    I went to bodyBUZZ with no expectations and was open to a new experience.  When I got there I laid on my yoga mat and pillow,and allowed Marie's sweet voice help me drift me off to a peaceful relaxed state.  The music was beautiful, almost hypnotic, and made me feel very comfortable and calm.  I felt like I was almost drifting off to sleep but I was fully awake.  At first, my body felt like it was actually floating slightly off the floor.  I then was brought back to sweet memories of my grandmother and could feel her love and warmth all around me.  She had passed away years ago!

     I then felt a couple tears fall down the side of my face but I did not feel sad.  I was brought back to a place that I never thought I wanted to go to or even think about again.
I actually had no memories of this place and it has left a black hole in my memory.
I was in 5th and 6th grade and we lived with my mother's then boyfriend who terrorized us. He was horrible to us and I only can remember the place we lived but not much else.
He had kicked us out and it changed my life forever.  My mother, sisters, and I were always together as a family before that, but once he kicked us out we all separated forever- it was the end of us being a family all living together.  My sisters each went to live with a friend or boyfriend. I was the youngest and my mother and I left to live with my Grandmother.  

     For some reason, I was brought back to this place and I remembered some things that I could not before. I had a memory of an incident I had been too terrified to revisit, but while I was at the bodyBUZZ, wrapped in my Grandmother’s love, I felt safe and strong enough to face it.  I felt my gram there, like her arms were there wrapped around me, consoling me.

      I do have some memories now instead of this black hole... I am so grateful.  I left my bodyBUZZ feeling at peace and so wonderful!  I was buzzing for the rest of the evening!  Thanks, so much Antonio and Marie what a wonderful experience.  

 -Anonymous, Please.

    When you rebuild, restore and repair your spirit you rebuild, restore and repair your life! The work that Antonio and Marie perform is a reflection of this. I recommend to others to take the time to do this as it's an internal work that strongly radiates outward penetrating into other avenues of  your life. Thank you bodyBUZZ for your amazing work!  

-Peace and Love, Marcela.

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